The Forties’ bug


David and Laraine in their 1940's finery.

David and Laraine in their 1940’s finery.

RE-ENACTING has suddenly opened up a whole new world that we didn’t realise existed – and we’re hooked!

It all started when my partner David decided to write a book about his father’s ‘war footprints’, which he wanted to pass on to his son. We decided to go along to a 1940s’ weekend held earlier this year at Hughenden Manor, in Buckinghamshire, as David wanted to take some photos for his book. We saw people dressed in 1940s’ clothing, and thought they were officially part of the event. We commented to a couple how great they looked and they said it was their first time ‘dressed’. They explained about re-enacting at these events and that we should order Best of British.

Well that was it. We kitted ourselves out with the look
and booked a stay in Norfolk for the North Norfolk Railway’s event. Once dressed – it took a long time – we really felt we had stepped back in time, and what a great weekend we had. There was such a friendly atmosphere wherever we went, people commenting on our clothes and asking us if they could take our photos.

We have been to another event since then, where we bumped into some familiar faces of other re-enactors. It has proved to be such a sociable way of spending weekends.

We can recommend the whole experience to anyone who may be thinking about becoming a re-enactor. Just go for it! Laraine Healey, Flatwell Heath, Bucks.

• Are you involved in the world of re-enacting? Tell us why you enjoy it and send us your pictures. – Editor.